Learning isn’t a destination, starting and stopping at the classroom door. It’s a never-ending road of discovery, challenge, inspiration, and wonder. If need more information about our online courses, please contact us.

What Programmes are available online?

Pearson Institute has a number of Part time degrees offered online that can be found on this site under the Online Programmes menu.

Do the online programmes require or contact sessions?

Live lectures do make up part of the programme, however students who are unable to attend the class physically can attend the classes online through our Virtual Learning Environment.

Do the online programmes include support from Faculty and interaction with other students?

Yes! Students are not isolated while completing their studies, in fact, the online programmes are designed to be a highly interactive learning environment.

While immersed in their studies, students will be able to share their perspectives and participate in topical discussions with a cohort of peer students.

Faculty are fully supportive and available for questions while providing assignments and guiding instruction using various technologies. Students can experience both the rigour and rewards of a university degree without setting foot on the campus.

What are the programme start dates?

The Pearson online programmes are uniquely organised to offer students multiple opportunities during the year to begin their course.

Instead of a typical academic schedule of two semesters or enrolment periods per year, the online programmes begin three times per year on a revolving schedule.

Not having to wait until the next semester begins allows students to move through their programme more quickly and efficiently, on a schedule that is most suitable to them. For specific start date information, refer to the calendar for the programme of choice.

What are the technology requirements for accessing the programmes?

In general terms, the student must have access to the Internet and a laptop or other digital device.

Specific technology questions can be addressed through support services available after the student enrolls.

Is technology support available to students

Yes, technology support is included in the programmes.

To make progressing through their programme easier, students are instructed in how to access and use the online portal as part of their first module.

How long does it take to complete the programme

The programmes are organised into 3 consecutive 15-week semesters per year allowing students to take up to 6 modules in a year. This will allow students to complete a degree in just over 5 years.

How much do the programmes cost

Tuition fees for the online programmes are affordable and based on module cost per 15-week sessions, the cost for which varies by programme. Typically two modules are taken per 15 week session.

The student can enrol, and pay for, one 15-week session at a time. For total cost, please see the individual programme information.

What is the application process

Getting started is easy and there is no application fee.

After checking the admission requirements for the selected programme to ensure the qualifications are met, the prospective student can apply online by filling out a student profile form and then submitting an application to our online portal.