More About the Programme

This is a broad and comprehensive qualification that will provide you with a sound understanding of, and skills in, administering and managing a business. You will cover core modules such as Business Management, Economics, Project Management, Business Ethics, Business Law and Financial Management. You also cover subject areas such as Business English and Computer Skills, as well as a choice of specialist elective groups with major subjects. Because of our degree’s unique emphasis on application, you will select, conduct and present a research project and complete Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in your third year.

The success of our Bachelor of Business Administration lies in its flexibility of subject choice and a curriculum that is relevant. By introducing you to research, we are also preparing you for Honours studies – an essential element of undergraduate degrees. This approach ensures that you graduate with essential work skills such as critical, creative and strategic thinking, being adaptable to change, effective problem solving, working to deadlines, collaborating in team situations and communicating effectively.

No travel required

3 start dates per year

Pay per module

Fully supported

Work and learn

Available Terms

Friendly Name

T1 2019 – PIHE

T2 2019 – PIHE

T3 2019 – PIHE

Start Date

4 Feb 2019

27 May 2019

9 Sep 2019

End Date

12 May 2019

25 Aug 2019

8 Dec 2019

Friendly Name

T1 2020 – PIHE

T2 2020 – PIHE

T3 2020 – PIHE

Start Date

3 Feb 2020

25 May 2020

7 Sep 2020

End Date

10 May 2020

23 Aug 2020

6 Dec 2020

Friendly Name

T1 2021 – PIHE

T2 2021 – PIHE

T3 2021 – PIHE

Start Date

1 Feb 2021

24 May 2021

6 Sep 2021

End Date

9 May 2021

22 Aug 2021

5 Dec 2021

Admission Requirements

You need a South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) for degree purposes.

If you have an international school-leaving certificate, you need to qualify for matric exemption from the Matriculation Board. Pearson Institute will assist with your exemption application to the Board for evaluation.

You need to have completed the relevant Foundation Programme successfully.

And you need at least 25 Pearson Institute of Education admission points.

Our Program Structure

from R4,100 per module

  • Level One

    Business English
    Business Management
    1A Business Management
    1B Computer Skills
    Quantitative Techniques

    And a choice of three of the following elective groups, of which two will be majors in your third year:

    Group 1

    Human Resource Management 1
    Human Resource Information Systems

    Group 2

    Marketing 1
    Consumer Behaviour

    Group 3

    Financial Accounting 1A
    Financial Accounting 1B

  • Level Two

    Business Law
    Business Management 2A
    Business Management 2B
    Economics 1A
    Economics 1B
    Research Methodology
    Project Management

    And a choice of two of the following elective groups, which will be majors in your third year:

    Group 1

    Human Resource Management 2A
    Human Resource Management 2B

    Group 2

    Marketing 2A
    Marketing 2B

    Group 3

    Management Accounting 2A
    Management Accounting 2B

  • Level Three

    Business Ethics
    Business Management 3A
    Business Management 3B
    Financial Management 3
    Research Project
    Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

    And a choice of two of the following elective groups, based on selection of majors from year 1 and 2:

    Group 1

    Human Resource Management 3A
    Human Resource Management 3B

    Group 2

    Product and Promotion
    Management 3
    Strategic Marketing 3

    Group 3

    Financial Management 3

*Fees displayed on this breakdown is based on a 2018 fee and is subject to increase in 2019. Fees can be secured by paying an Early Bird deposit.