More About the Programme

Our Higher Certificate in Information Systems (Engineering) provides you with a solid theoretical and intensive practical foundation in the basics of one programming language and one database language, where the emphasis is on application. You will develop a balance of software and hardware knowledge as well as extensive technical experience. The core subject areas are Programming Language, Network+, Security+ and Introduction to Virtualisation . You also cover topics such as general Computer Literacy, Processing and Logic. Throughout the qualification you will complete technical projects so that you are able to troubleshoot problems.

We attribute much of the success of our Higher Certificate programmes in Information Systems (IS), to our unique Mastery Learning Methodology (MLM). This modular self-directed learning approach gives you the flexibility to start and progress at a pace that best suits you.

You will develop essential skills for the world of work, especially for the IT industry, such as analysing and solving real problems, logical and innovative thinking, working in teams and communicating effectively.

No travel required

First Monday of month

Pay per module

Fully supported

Work and learn

*Fees stated are for 2019 and subject to annual increases.

Required documents for international students are as follows:
  • completed and signed application form
  • signed repayment calculator
  • student id or passport (from their country)
  • parent/ sponsor id or passport
  • application fee proof of payment
Enrollment/ Final Registration
  • valid passport
  • valid Pearson study permit
  • valid 12 months student medical aid
  • USAF or SAQA letter of foreign qualification evaluation (USAF or SAQA depending on the results)
In addition the student should have passed:
5 olevel subjects including English, Maths &/ or Science with symbol A, B or C to qualify to start on AS Level Program or in addition to 5 olevels they should have passed 4 (AS) Advanced Subsidiary level subjects with symbol A, B, C, D or E to qulaifiy to start on degree level or 5 olevel subjects with additional 2 (Alevel) Advanced level subjects with symbol A to E to qulaify to start on degree

Admission requirements

National Senior Certificate (NSC) with diploma or certificate entry or an equivalent foreign secondary qualification on an NSC level confirmed by SAQA.

National Certificate (Vocational) level four issued by the Council of General and Further Education and Training.

You must have obtained the required results in the Placement Assessment.